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West End health units scrapped


west end health unitsSAN ANTONIO – West End Bar Association refuse to pay for mobile health units treating drunk tourists to prevent unnecessary ambulance calls. 

The units, which were successfully installed in San Antonio’s West End last year, treat tourists requiring medical assistance for alcohol and drug related issues and consequently reduce the number of emergency calls requiring ambulance deployment. The cost of the units including medical staff is shared between entrepreneurs operating in the area however businesses have opted against re-installing the units this year due to a price increase.

A total cost of 30,000 euros per year would be shared between twenty-five West End businesses but president of the West End Bar Association, Pepe Colomar, says there are some owners who can not afford to pay. In a meeting held with the new mayor of Sant Antoni, Pep Tur, entrepreneurs stressed that responsibility for treating drunk tourists did not lie with the “private sector.” The Council did not rule out the installation of the units.