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Ibiza ticket sellers denounced


ticket sellersIBIZA – Twenty business owners in the port of Ibiza have denounced club ticket sellers operating in the area.

On 4 August, twenty business owners denounced the port’s ticket sellers to the city of Ibiza claiming they constantly harass tourists and disrespect the rules and regulations in place. Often fiercely protective over territory and aggressive in their pursuit of sales, Tiqueteros have been operating in the popular port area of Ibiza’s old town for over a decade and this isn’t the first time a complaint has been made.

Santiago Matias, a spokesman for the alliance of business owners describes the situation as “shameful and embarrassing” with some establishments in particular not respecting the limits of their terraces and invading the space designated for pedestrians, which makes it difficult to pass by especially at night. Matias points out that the situation has been criticised before but little action seems to have been taken: “we feel powerless in a situation that has been repeated for 15 years.”

Bars and shops in the port are allowed to employ one or two ticket sellers depending on the size of the terrace and each selller must wear a visible identity card as well as staying within the boundaries of the terrace.