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WATCH: Storm causes chaos


flooding ibizaIBIZA – Police forced to close airport motorway as heavy storms cause flooding across Ibiza. 

A downpour that hit the island yesterday evening caused chaos across Ibiza as streets flooded and traffic ground to a halt with police forced to close one section of the airport motorway and one bridge. Eyewitnesses described the streets of Ibiza as “like a swimming pool ” as water levels rose above the pavement as pedestrians were forced to take cover from the storm inside bars and shops.

Firefighters received almost 30 calls from businesses and homeowners requesting help with flooded basements as well as one request for help from a group of people inside a vehicle that had broken down in deep water close to the airport. The Consell de Ibiza also reported several incidents connected to the storm causing disruption on the roads including landslides.

According to Spanish State Meteorological Agency, AEMET, a total of 37.4 litres of rain fell per square meter over the course of the day with a maximum intensity of 108 litres per square meter.