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Es Vedra tower access restricted


es verdra towerSAN JOSE – San Jose City Council will regulate parking and access to the tower of des Savinar and sa Pedrera due to massive influx of visitors to the area.

The popular spot overlooking the island of Es Vedra is visited by hundreds of tourists every week in the height of the summer but, as reported in a statement yesterday, the Council has reached an agreement with the property owners that will see access and parking near the tower regulated from next summer. “It is clear that this area has become a tourist product and work is needed to ensure respect above all of the landscape and heritage values,” explained City Hall. The unofficial parking in the area is also used to access other popular spots in the area such as the rocks at Atlantis and viewing platforms for Es Vedra.

The intervention of emergency services has been necessary on occasions where unprepared tourists have become trapped or lost in the area and the Council now intend to way mark three clear routes in the area as well as providing leaflets informing tourists of the risks involved hiking in the area. Lack of parking was cited as a major problem as well as a threat to other lesser known heritage assets situated within the area. The Council was also critical of people using the space for celebrations and parties without permission as well as commercial photo shoots that had used the tower for promotional purposes without asking the owners.