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Tagomago will be protected


villa-tagomagoIBIZA – Director General of Natural Areas and Biodiversity guarantees to protect the island of Tagomago effectively.

“The shameful events that have been tolerated on the island will not be repeated,” was the clear message coming from Environment Minister, Miguel Vericad, after a meeting yesterday with Balearic Director General of Natural Areas and Biodiversity, Caterina Amengual. The small island off the north coast of Ibiza is already officially protected as a Site of Community Interest (SCI) however in recent years restrictions on development have been flagrantly ignored.

Amengual declared that protection of the island had so far “only existed on paper” and vowed to enforce all restrictions going forward in a bid to protect the island from further abuses. Santa Eularia City Council is campaigning for Tagomago to be officially recognised as natural reserve however the government refused to be drawn on whether or not this is being considered seriously.