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Heat wave affects tomato production


tomatoesIBIZA – June and July’s heat wave significantly reduced tomato production in Ibiza leading to prices of tomatoes “sky-rocketing”.

President of the Agroeivissa Cooperative, Juan Mari, lamented that the production of Ibiza tomato has been made harder this season due to weather conditions in Ibiza, specifically the heat wave experienced on the island earlier this summer. “It’s a very serious problem because we planted tomatoes in June and we had to harvest now and there is nothing, we know that this problem has been repeated in other areas such as Andalusia and parts of France,” Mari told Europa Press.

The tomato shortage has led to prices of the fruit skyrocketing with a kilo of tomatoes costing as much as two euros per kilo when just a few weeks ago a kilo cost around 60 cents. “There will Ibizan tomato, but very little and we will struggle to supply our customers,” reiterated Mari. It is hoped crops from northern Europe will fill the gap in the market however transporting the fruit will also lead to higher prices.