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Talamanca beach closed again


talamanca-afgesloten-TALAMANCA – A sewage leak at Talamanca beach yesterday meant authorities were once again forced to close the beach to bathers.

An environment spokesman for the government claimed the discharge of sewage was due to a technical problem which has now “been solved” and the council is now due to carry out an inspection of the water at Talamanca to ascertain the extent of water pollution. The beach has been plagued by sewage problems in recent years with politicians unable to agree upon a viable solution to the problem leading to officials closing the beach to the public on several occasions last year.

One Talamanca resident denounced the City Council last month after water at the beach appeared to turn green however the Council was quick to blame the problem on discharge from private boats moored in the area. On this occasion criticism has not been so easy to deflect with the Balearic Water and Environmental Quality Agency (Abaqua) conceding that there had been “a small break” in the sewage system due to the heavy rain experienced across the island yesterday.

A spokesman from the government aid the problem was now fixed but it is unknown when the water at Talamanca will be declared fit for bathing again.