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Illegal taxi driver dealing drugs


illegal taxi drugsIBIZA – An illegal taxi driver was arrested yesterday afternoon after police saw him dealing drugs inside his vehicle.

Police discovered 45 ecstasy pills, 15 bags of cocaine, 15 bags of ketamine, 8 bags of MDMA and 2,000 euros in cash after they stopped the car travelling in between Santa Eularia and Ibiza. The driver, a Spanish man of Uruguayan origin, attempted to discard several bags of ketamine by throwing them out of the window.

The man was illegally transporting three British youths who admitted to having hired an illegal taxi. They also told police that they knew the driver would supply them with drugs and that this was the principal reason for hiring him.

Just last week fifty official taxi drivers staged a protest against illegal taxi drivers and incidents like this will only serve to support critics of the pirate drivers who claim they engage in other illegal activities besides driving a taxi without an official license.