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Drunk passenger jailed during an Ibiza-Doncaster flight


Jail for a drunk and violent passenger during an Ibiza-Doncaster flight
An English court sentenced to a passager to four months of prison. He was in a state of drunkenness, insulted and confronted the crew of a Thomson flight
On May 25, Daniel Beacock, 43, was flying from Ibiza on a Boeing 737 with Thomson airline to Doncaster Sheffield Airport (England).

At the airport store he bought a bottle of vodka and started drinking while waiting for the plane. Once inside the plane Daniel continued to drink alcohol and when the crew had already taken off him, due to the evident state of drunkenness of the passenger, the crew decided to seize his vodka to him.

This was only the start of the problems and the passenger decided to face the crew demanding alcohol and, upon receiving a constant refusal, decided to steal a bottle of champagne from the plane’s drink cart.

The crew realized immediately and asked him to return it, to which Daniel Beacock refused, facing violently anyone who tried to take it away.

Upon landing at Doncaster Airport, the drunk passenger was arrested on the ground.

Finally, last month (December 16) the trial was held in the Shieffield Court and Daniel Beacock was sentenced to four months’ imprisonment for his actions and has already entered prison.

Although it may seem like a harsh sentence, Judge Paul Watson has decided that the defendant should be put in jail because he considers that his attitude “endangered the flight” and that Beacock already had two previous convictions (in 2014) For violent acts.